Officiating HS Volleyball DVD-Revised : Doing it Right NFHS Rules Specific


J & B Production

ISBN: 0990059790
ISBN13: 9780990059790
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Officiating High School Volleyball: Doing It Right is a perfect resource for training officials of intramural and recreational volleyball. The DVD is based on the NFHS volleyball rules and covers the following topics:
  • Proper Mechanics and Centering
  • First Referee Responsibilities
  • Second Referee Responsibilities
  • Pre-match Routine
  • Host Administration Information
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Working with the Support Team
  • Line Judge Instructions
  • Ball Shaggers
  • Screening
  • Overlap Recognition in a 5-1 Offense
  • Proper Alignment
  • Back Row Attack/Block
  • Understanding the Net Plane, Centerline and Antennae
  • Substitutions and Libero Replacements
  • Handling Injury Situations
  • Using the Whistle and Signals
  • Tempo
  • Conduct and Cards
  • Match Control
  • Ball Handling Calls Double Hits and Illegal Hits
  • Post-Match Responsibilities


Resource for officials of recreational and intramural volleyball.