Weight Training Video (NTSC) : Steps to Success


Thomas R. Baechle, Barney R. Groves

ISBN: 087322485X
ISBN13: 9780873224857
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57 minutes

The companion videotape to Weight Training: Steps to Success shows viewers everything they need to know to start a well-balanced weight training program. Step by step, the video demonstrates how to perform the same 19 exercises that are covered in the book. The video makes learning easy by using slow motion, freeze-frames, and graphics to show viewers the proper positioning and lifting technique for each exercise. It also gives tips on choosing the right equipment and presents exercise programs for three different types of equipment—free weights, single- or multistation pivot machines, and cam machines. While the Weight Training Video is designed for students who are just starting out, it's also great for those who have lifted weights before but have never had formal instruction in weight training. It's full of informative demonstrations that give students a sound base of weight training knowledge and allow them to visualize the methods described in the book.

About the Author

Thomas R. Baechle, EdD, is the executive director of the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists Agency, the certifying body for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He is a past president of the NSCA and in 1985 was named their Strength and Conditioning Professional of the Year. Dr. Baechle is also the chair of the Department of Exercise Science and director of the Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Creighton University, where he has received several honors, including an Excellence in Teaching Award. For 16 years Dr. Baechle competed successfully in weightlifting and powerlifting, setting various Midwest records. For more than 20 years he coached collegiate powerlifting teams and taught weight training classes. Dr. Baechle also holds certifications as a Level I weightlifting coach from the United States Weightlifting Federation, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist from NSCA, and an Exercise Test Technologist and Exercise Specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). He is a member of NSCA, ACSM, and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD). Barney R. Groves, PhD, has also taught weight training classes for more than 20 years. He received his doctoral degree in physical education from Florida State University and is associate professor of physical education in the Department of Physical Education at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he also serves as strength and conditioning coach and a weight training instructor. In 1992 and 1993 he set and reset the United States Powerlifting Federation records in Virginia for the 55-and-older age group in the 181-pound class. A member of AAHPERD and NSCA, Dr. Groves is also certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist by NSCA and as a Health/Fitness Instructor by ACSM.

Words of Praise

"Extremely comprehensive, thorough, and enjoyable to watch. I would highly recommend it to a novice exerciser because it emphasizes safety, technique, and progression at the individual's pace and comfort level. I also believe the veteran weight trainer or personal trainer could benefit from this video because it brings you back to the basics." Karen Kelly Duncanson Certification Manager, American Council on Exercise