First Steps : Your Healthy Living Journal
Active Living Partners
ISBN: 0736063498
ISBN13: 9780736063494
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Do you want to eat better and become more active but are unsure about where to even begin? Then get on the path to lasting lifestyle change with First Steps: Your Healthy Living Journal, the one tool you need in order to overcome bad habits permanently and shape the healthy life you want. Both a journal and guidebook, First Steps presents a simple, four-step process to improving your health habits:
  1. Build awareness of your starting point, desired results, and obstacles.
  2. Create solutions to your barriers to healthy living.
  3. Boost your confidence in order to achieve your goals.
  4. Sustain commitment to your new healthy lifestyle.
First Steps: Your Healthy Living Journal allows you to track your progress according to your goals, preferences, and fitness level, and it is based on the life-changing principles of Active Living Partners. Active Living Partners programs are offered in hospitals, fitness centers, worksites, colleges, and communities in the United States and abroad.

About the Author

Active Living Partners, a division of Human Kinetics, produces educational programs and tools that address physical inactivity and unbalanced eating—two leading causes of obesity, heart disease, and other chronic ailments. These programs, Active Living Every Day and Healthy Eating Every Day, have been successfully implemented worldwide in worksites, hospitals, community health programs, senior residences, colleges and universities, and fitness centers, as well as by individuals. The success of Active Living programs in empowering people to permanently change their health habits can be traced to the following features:
  • Focus on behavioral change. The underlying causes of poor health habits are addressed with an emphasis on lifestyle-management skills and realistically paced change.
  • Scientific basis. Developed in partnership with The Cooper Institute, Active Living programs use curriculums that have been proven effective in clinical trials.
  • Personalized approach. Programs may be tailored to each person’s stage of readiness to change, lifestyle, and personal preferences.
  • Flexible delivery options. Courses may be delivered in groups, online, or via phone or face-to-face coaching.
  • Ongoing support. Comprehensive support is provided through the Active Living staff and Web site,
For more information about Active Living Partners programs, please contact Elaine Blackmore Active Living Partners P.O. Box 5076 Champaign, IL 61825-5076 Phone 800-747-4457 ext 2226 E-mail

Table of Contents

Part I: Four Steps to Improving Health

Step 1: Build Awareness
Step 2: Create Solutions
Step 3: Boost Confidence
Step 4: Sustain Commitment
Next Steps

Part II: First Steps Journal

How to Use This Journal
First Steps Journal

Appendix A: U.S. Surgeon General’s Statement on Physical Activity and Health
Appendix B: Guidelines for Moderate-Intensity Physical Activity
Appendix C: Guidelines for Vigorous-Intensity Physical Activity
Appendix D: Examples of Light, Moderate, and Vigorous Activities
Appendix E: PAR-Q 4 U
Appendix F: What Is a Serving?
Appendix G: Assessment of Body Mass Index
Appendix H: Guidelines for Steps Per Day