StarGuard-3rd Edition : Best Practices for Lifeguards


Jill White
3rd Edition
ISBN: 0736060758
ISBN13: 9780736060752
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StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards, Third Edition, gives you the tools you need to become a skilled and knowledgeable lifeguard in a pool, water park, waterfront, or wilderness setting. It emphasizes the essential knowledge you need, with material on prevention, surveillance, emergency care, aquatic rescue, professionalism, and personal safety. The text integrates the American Heart Association 2005 Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care, which include recommendations for first aid treatment. StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards, Third Edition, is designed to make learning easy for new lifeguards and reinforce what veteran guards have already learned. It includes step-by-step instructions and detailed photos and drawings to help you learn new techniques and best practices. Emphasis is on key points that are crucial for effective lifeguard training. Explanations are short and to the point, and they relate directly to lifeguarding. This concise coverage of important topics makes it easy for you to determine what really makes a difference in saving people’s lives. StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards, Third Edition, is the manual for the Starfish Aquatics StarGuard lifeguard training course, which involves hands-on scenario training provided under the facilitation of a StarGuard instructor. Together, the manual and course prepare lifeguards for actual situations on the job. From pool surveillance techniques and prevention to emergency care, the manual covers all of the ins and outs of lifeguarding in an easy-to-understand format. The StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards online course is also available. For more information click here to visit the course page on the Aquatic Education Center.

About the Author

Jill E. White founded the Starfish Aquatics Institute in 2000 with the mission to reduce drowning and save lives by providing reputable, responsive aquatic safety training programs to the public. In 2005 she was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Aquatics by Aquatics International magazine, and she has appeared on the US Water Fitness Association’s Who’s Who in Aquatics: Top 100 Professionals list for the past four years. In the past, White has authored textbooks on lifeguarding, lifeguarding instruction, and swim instruction for the National Safety Council, Jeff Ellis & Associates, and the American Safety & Health Institute. She has firsthand experience in training, supervising, and managing lifeguards and has taught thousands of lifeguards and hundreds of lifeguarding instructors. She has presented educational sessions at conferences for the National Recreation and Park Association; World Waterpark Association; American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; Athletic Business Conference; and numerous state and regional events. White enjoys reading, hiking, and aquatic sports. She lives in Savannah, Georgia, with her husband, Robbin.

Table of Contents

Part I: Prevention
Chapter 1. Lifeguard Best Practices
Chapter 2. Managing Aquatic Risks
Chapter 3. Preventing Bloodborne and Recreational Water illness
Chapter 4. Preventing Injuries

Part II: Surveillance
Chapter 5. Recognizing a Drowning Victim
Chapter 6. Scanning

Part III: Emergency Care
Chapter 7. Contacting Emergency Medical Systems
Chapter 8. Providing Emergency Care

Part IV: Aquatic Rescue
Chapter 9. Assists and Rescues
Chapter 10. Managing Aquatic Spinal Injuries
Chapter 11. Managing an Unconscious Drowning Victim

Part V: Professionalism and Personal Safety
Chapter 12. Personal Health and Safety
Chapter 13. Professionalism

Part VI: Site-Specific Considerations
Chapter 14. Lifeguarding at Waterparks and Play Features
Chapter 15. Lifeguarding at Waterfront and Wilderness Settings

Appendix A. Sample First Aid Report
Appendix B. Sample Rescue Report
Appendix C. Sample Wilderness Participant Safety Talk Outline

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