Morning Strength Workouts


Annette Lang
ISBN: 0736060642
ISBN13: 9780736060646
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A strength training routine to fit every morning schedule! You know that exercising in the morning is the best way to exercise regularly, manage weight, and provide a strong start to your day. Morning Strength Workouts describes how to maximize the benefits of your early-day exercises no matter what your energy level is or how much time you have to spare. Morning Strength Workouts provides 20-, 30-, 45-, and 60-minute workouts designed for endurance, size, strength, power, and general fitness so that you can choose the right workout based on your fitness goals and available time. Whether you’re using free weights or machines, exercising at the gym or at home, this book allows you to customize workouts to achieve your individual strength goals. And, with information on nutrition, injury prevention, and program design, you can be assured that every morning session will be productive. With Morning Strength Workouts, you will never tire of your morning routine again. Morning Strength Workouts is part of the Morning Workout series, books designed to help you get in tune with both mind and body, stay motivated, and improve your morning exercise experience.

About the Author

Annette Lang has been a Reebok University instructor since 1996, developing education programs for both fitness professionals and consumers. She is a regular consultant for NY Sports, Crunch Fitness, NY Health & Racquet, Bally Total Fitness, Wellbridge, and Equinox fitness clubs. She is a featured speaker at national fitness conventions, including the IHRSA International Conference and IDEA World Fitness Convention. She offers instruction and online courses through Since 2000, Lang has served as a judge for Fitness Management magazine’s Fitness Business NOVA awards for health clubs. Lang also worked with Peter Greenberg, the travel editor of NBC's Today Show, on his exercise and diet program. Her exercise program and motivational encouragement are also featured in Greenberg’s book The Traveler's Diet (Villard 2006). Lang also wrote the Prenatal & Postpartum Training Fan (Benefit Health Media, 2006). She is certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and American Council on Exercise (ACE), and she has a master’s degree in health education. Lang resides in Brooklyn, New York, and does private personal training in New York City. For more information, visit

Table of Contents

Part I AM Readiness
Chapter 1. Energy to Begin Your Day
Chapter 2. Your Workout Environment
Chapter 3. Selecting Your Equipment
Chapter 4. Muscles Into Action
Chapter 5. Developing Your Training Program

Part II Workouts for Every Schedule
Chapter 6. 20-Minute Programs
Chapter 7. 30-Minute Programs
Chapter 8. 45-Minute Programs
Chapter 9. 60-Minute Programs

Part III Morning Exercises
Chapter 10. Upper-Body
Chapter 11. Core
Chapter 12. Lower-Body

Words of Praise

"Annette Lang's expertise will help you understand the importance of strength training. Morning Strength Workouts provides the programs and plans to actually do it! She's a great motivator, and for that I am in her debt." Peter Greenberg Travel Editor NBC Today Show "Morning Strength Workouts gives you instant access to perfect get-up-and-go routines for the home or gym, whether you have just a few minutes or an entire hour to spare." Denise Brodey Editor in Chief, Fitness

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