NIRSA Softball Umpire Mechanics DVD



ISBN: 0736060375
ISBN13: 9780736060370
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35 minutes

Whether you’re a coach, instructor, official, or player of the sport, the NIRSA Softball Umpire Mechanics DVD is the essential DVD of current rules and mechanics for the sport of recreational softball. Developed by the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) and the NIRSA Softball Committee, a group of dedicated professionals and students, the DVD’s menu-driven format makes it easy to access the specific content needed. The video includes both live-action video and animation that concisely explain the rules and mechanics of the game. The NIRSA Softball Umpire Mechanics DVD is a resource for any setting—campus recreation, a community parks and recreation department, or any kind of recreational sport program. Runtime: 35 minutes.

Video Time Log

Plate Mechanics
Base Mechanics
Special Situations