Softball Fundamentals


Human Kinetics, Rick Noren
ISBN: 0736055843
ISBN13: 9780736055840
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Take the field and play ball! Softball Fundamentals will have you pitching, fielding, hitting, and baserunning like an experienced player in no time at all. Learn to execute each of the game’s key skills properly through the concise instruction and accompanying photos presented for each technique. More than 48 gamelike drills will speed your skill learning and improve your performance. You’ll also learn how to apply your newfound skills in game situations and gain an understanding of offensive and defensive tactics to get an edge over your opponents. Softball Fundamentals is the best way to master the basics of the sport as you play. With this book, you’ll make the right play from the very first day. See all the titles available in the Sports Fundamentals Series.

About the Author

ABOUT THE WRITER Rick Noren has compiled an outstanding 320-79 (.802) record in his 10 seasons as the Pacific Lutheran University fastpitch head coach. The Lutes have won eight conference titles, finished in the top five in the country three times, and led the nation in winning percentage twice during Noren’s tenure. Additionally, Noren teaches several activity classes at PLU as well as a softball and baseball theory class for coaching students. Every year he conducts clinics for softball coaches and players throughout the Pacific Northwest. Noren earned his bachelor's degree in exercise science from Western Washington University and his master's degree in athletic administration from Pacific Lutheran University. Rick’s wife, Leanne, is the PLU pitching coach. The Norens and their children, Kyle, Joel, and Leah, live in Tacoma, Washington.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Throwing
Chapter 2. Catching
Chapter 3. Fielding Fly Balls
Chapter 4. Fielding Ground Balls
Chapter 5. Playing Catcher
Chapter 6. Pitching
Chapter 7. Hitting
Chapter 8. Bunting and Slap Hitting
Chapter 9. Baserunning
Chapter 10. Sliding
Chapter 11. Offensive Tactics
Chapter 12. Defensive Tactics