Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming-2nd Edition


Simon Priest, Michael A. Gass
2nd Edition
ISBN: 073605250X
ISBN13: 9780736052504
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Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming, Second Edition, will help students
  • understand the key elements of effective leadership in both theory and practice,
  • learn important leadership skills through real-world applications, and
  • explore new trends in adventure programming.
Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming, Second Edition, explains how the key elements of leadership work in theory and practice, and it helps train the next generation of adventure leaders—training that is paramount to developing the field. Through this text, readers will enhance their understanding of this rapidly growing profession. Renowned authors Simon Priest and Michael Gass provide in-depth descriptions and real-world applications of the technical, organizational, instructional, and facilitative skills that are essential to adventure leadership. The authors also identify what they call the metaskills that superior leaders use to combine the other essential skills seamlessly and effectively. The authors provide fully updated content and references, including new information on legal liability, risk management skills, and future research trends in adventure programming. They also do the following:
  • Examine the historical and philosophical foundations of adventure programming
  • Provide safety and environmental guidelines that leaders should follow
  • Describe the organizational, instructional, and facilitation skills that outdoor adventure leaders should possess
  • Identify the importance of flexible leadership style, problem-solving and decision-making skills, experience-based judgment, effective communication, and ethical behaviors
The first edition of this book set new levels of excellence in leadership in adventure programming. The second edition preserves the comprehensive and classic nature of the original while raising the standard for the field in the 21st century. The authors’ skillful approach to integrating all aspects of effective outdoor adventure leadership makes this book an ideal text for adventure leadership and programming courses and an outstanding reference for practicing professionals.

About the Author

Simon Priest, PhD, is president and chief executive officer of virtualTEAMWORKS.com, which specializes in experiential learning on the Internet. He is also a retired full professor from Brock University in Canada and the executive director of the Corporate Adventure Training Institute, a research center of excellence. He was an interim director of Canadian Tire’s corporate university. A member of the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) since 1983, he chaired their research task force, safety practices task force, and student research grants committee while also contributing on the journal editorial board, scholarship committee, conference steering groups, and journal editorships. Dr. Priest`s contributions to the field of adventure programming have had an international impact. He has been a scholar in residence and has been awarded visiting fellowships in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, England, and several other European nations. He has studied and taught about outdoor leadership in more than 40 countries around the world. Dr. Priest has researched and written extensively on the topic of adventure programming. He has authored or edited several books and book chapters, and his articles have appeared in publications such as the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Leadership, the Journal of Experiential Education, Journal of Leisure Research, Leisure Sciences, Leisure Studies, and the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. Dr. Priest received his doctorate in outdoor recreation from the University of Oregon in 1986. Michael Gass, PhD, is a full professor and chair of the department of kinesiology and member of the award-winning outdoor education program at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). This accredited program is recognized as one of the best undergraduate and graduate training programs in the world, and its students are some of the finest emerging professionals in the field of adventure programming. Dr. Gass has helped to produce numerous pivotal books for the field, including Book of Metaphors: Volume II, Adventure Therapy: Therapeutic Applications of Adventure Programming, and Program Accreditation Standards for Adventure Programs with Jed Williamson. He has conducted numerous international workshops and trainings, and his writing has appeared in professional journals around the world. He currently directs several evidence-based research projects for the American Youth Foundation and Project Adventure to validate and promote best practices in the field of adventure programming. Dr. Gass served as president of the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) in 1990 and was the chair of AEE’s Therapeutic Adventure Professional Group in 1992-93 and 1995-96. He also was the chair of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance’s Council for Outdoor Education in 1994. Currently he is the editor of the Journal for Therapeutic Schools and Programs and serves on the review board for the Journal of Experiential Education. He also served for 10 years on AEE’s Program Accreditation Council. Dr. Gass received his PhD in experiential education from the University of Colorado at Boulder and completed postdoctoral studies in marriage and family therapy. When not with his family, he can be found climbing or wilderness running.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Effective Outdoor Leadership

Part I. Foundations of Adventure Programming
Chapter 2. Philosophy of Adventure Programming
Chapter 3. History of Adventure Programming
Chapter 4. Individual Behavior and Motivation
Chapter 5. Group Development and Dynamics

Part II. Practical and Organizational Skills for Outdoor Leaders
Chapter 6. Technical Skills
Chapter 7. Safety and Risk Management Skills
Chapter 8. Environmental Skills
Chapter 9. Trip Planning
Chapter 10. Legal Liability

Part III. Instruction in Adventure Programming
Chapter 11. Experiential Education
Chapter 12. Instructional Methods
Chapter 13. Teaching Models

Part IV. Facilitation in Adventure Programming
Chapter 14. The Process of Facilitation
Chapter 15. Basic Facilitation Techniques
Chapter 16. Advanced Facilitation Techniques
Chapter 17. Facilitation Roles

Part V. Metaskills for Outdoor Leaders
Chapter 18. Flexible Leadership Style
Chapter 19. Effective Communication
Chapter 20. Experience-Based Judgment
Chapter 21. Problem Solving
Chapter 22. Decision Making
Chapter 23. Professional Ethics
Chapter 24. Trends and Issues

Author Index
Subject Index
About the Authors


Undergraduate text for recreation, adventure, outdoor education, and physical education courses. Resource for college faculty members in physical education and recreation who are involved in developing adventure programs in colleges and public schools. Reference for adventure professionals in recreation, education, and therapy.