Basketball Fundamentals


Human Kinetics, Jon Oliver
ISBN: 073604910X
ISBN13: 9780736049108
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Learning to play basketball has never been more effective—or more fun—than with Basketball Fundamentals. Students will enjoy using this resource because they will learn by doing, spending less time reading and more time engaged in playing the game. With simple instructions and accompanying photographs, this book makes it easy to teach the game of basketball quickly. Basketball Fundamentals begins by teaching basic offensive skills so that students get an immediate sense of where they belong on the court and what to do when they get the ball. A separate chapter on defense teaches students how to stop the opposition by playing man-to-man, zone, or combination defense. Chapters are devoted to mastering specific skills including lay-ups, perimeter shooting, passing, dribbling, screening, and rebounding. Each chapter addresses a specific skill, leading the student through a simple, four-step sequence: ·You Can Do It: The skill or tactic is introduced with sequential instructions and accompanying photographs. ·More to Choose and Use: Variations and extensions of the primary skill are covered. ·Take It to the Court: Readers learn how to apply the skill in competition. ·Give It a Go: Several direct experiences—such as drills, small-sided games, and self-tests—are provided to gauge, develop, and hone the skill. Writer Jon Oliver is a veteran instructor and coach with a broad range of basketball teaching experience at the educational, recreational, and competitive levels. Oliver knows how to communicate clearly and succinctly, making reading and applying the content to the court enjoyable for students of all ages. As part of the Sports Fundamentals Series, Basketball Fundamentals will help you teach and your students learn the basic skills and tactics of the game so that they can compete on the court in no time at all.

About the Author

Jon A. Oliver is an assistant professor of physical education at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois, where he teaches beginning and intermediate basketball classes. After competing in high school basketball in Indiana as a player, Jon accumulated a broad range of basketball teaching experience at the educational, recreational, and competitive levels.

Table of Contents

Key to Diagrams

Chapter 1 Individual Offense
Chapter 2 Inside Shots
Chapter 3 Outside Shots
Chapter 4 Passing
Chapter 5 Dribbling
Chapter 6 Screening
Chapter 7 Individual Defense
Chapter 8 Rebounding
Chapter 9 Full-Court Offense
Chapter 10 Half-Court Offense
Chapter 11 Inbounding the Ball
Chapter 12 Team Defense

About the Writer

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