Lactate Threshold Training


Peter Janssen
ISBN: 0736037551
ISBN13: 9780736037556
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Whether you’re a runner, skier, cyclist, triathlete, or rower, as an endurance athlete you need to race and train as fast as possible without hitting the wall from high levels of lactic acid in your bloodstream. Elite athletes and coaches know that increasing lactate threshold is essential to success. Now you can use this knowledge to push your performance to the limit. Lactate Threshold Training is an advanced training guide to help you improve endurance performance. This innovative book explains the theory behind the training and presents practical programs to improve your lactate threshold and race faster than ever before. The book also includes discussion on the use of EPO and the struggle against doping in endurance sports. Many elite athletes and coaches are using this innovative concept in their training. The book includes: • heart-rate based training programs, • tests for self-assessment of lactate threshold, • scientific guidelines to avoid overtraining, • advice on nutrition, and • workout examples of elite endurance athletes. Author Peter Janssen, MD, is recognized as one of the pioneers in lactate threshold training. Dr. Janssen has put together this complete and comprehensive training manual through research, training, and testing of elite endurance athletes. If you want to take your endurance performance to the limit, this is one book you won’t want to miss.

About the Author

An athlete himself, Dr. Peter Janssen, MD, is a pioneer in the field of lactate threshold training. Dr. Janssen has focused his research on training for endurance sports, which benefits marathon runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, and rowers. Research, training, and testing of elite endurance athletes at his sports medicine advisory center has enabled Dr. Janssen to radically change and improve coaching methods for a wide range of sports. He has worked with both the PDM and Panasonic cycling teams. Dr. Janssen resides in Deurne, Holland.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Energy
•Energy systems
•Energy stores
•Types of muscle fibers
•Targeted training

Chapter 2. Heart Rate
•Counting the heart rate
•Maximum heart rate
•Conconi’s method
•Factors influencing heart rate

Chapter 3. Deflection Point
•Conconi’s test
•Astrand Test
•Maximal test
•Finding the deflection point
•Individual anaerobic threshold test

Chapter 4. Lactate
•The lactate curve
•Blood lactate measurement
•Practical application of the lactate test

Chapter 5. Overtraining
•The lactate paradox
•Causes of overtraining.
•Some specific health problems

Chapter 6. Circulation
•The Heart
•The heart minute volume
•Stroke volume
•The sports heart

Chapter 7. Blood Oxygen Levels
•Characteristics of blood.
•Decrease in oxygen transport
•Optimizing oxygen transport

Chapter 8. Nutrition
•Sources of energy
•Nutrition for endurance sports
•Energy consumption for events
•Fluid and endurance sports

Chapter 9. Heart Rate Patterns
•Lactate determination
•Comparisons of performance capacity
•Heart rate patterns of various workouts