Best New Games


Dale N. LeFevre
ISBN: 0736036857
ISBN13: 9780736036856
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Since the early 1970s, proponents of the New Games movement have been using cooperative, interactive games to bring diverse groups of people together. In Best New Games, Dale Le Fevre shows you how to lead, develop, and adapt New Games for any group. This complete resource is the only book now available that presents New Games. New Games are for groups of all ages and abilities—and they’re meant to be played just for fun. Developed during the Vietnam War era, New Games were created to encourage people to channel their aggressive tendencies in a creative, powerful, fun, and safe way. In 1974 the New Games Foundation was incorporated, and it spread the idea of New Games through hundreds of training workshops in North America and beyond. New Games may include competition, but having fun with a New Game is more important than winning it. The games can be adapted for people who are physically and mentally impaired or mentally ill. New Games have been played with people of all different abilities and backgrounds—often in the same group. Author Dale Le Fevre is a leading authority on New Games. In many of his workshops, traditionally adversarial groups have successfully come together to play and have fun: Arabs and Israelis in the Middle East; Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland; mixed races in South Africa; and Serbs, Croats, and Muslims in Croatia and Serbia. In Best New Games, Le Fevre presents the most popular New Games from more than 25 years of presenting, including many recently found games. The book features 180 illustrations, 77 games, and 7 trust activities. An easy-to-use Gamefinder helps you quickly find the ideal game for your particular situation by listing games according to space and equipment requirements, appropriate times to play the game, activity levels, skills developed, number of players, and social purpose. The author also provides tips to give you confidence and increase your effectiveness in leading the games, including instructions on adapting and creating games. In Best New Games you’ll find games to address a variety of social objectives:
  • Breaking the ice
  • Helping people get acquainted
  • Fostering sensitivity and trust
  • Building teamwork
Best New Games is a great resource for anyone involved with groups—at any level and in any setting. It is a rich mine of entertaining activity ideas for elementary classrooms, after-school programs, physical education programs for all ages, college orientations, religious youth groups, retirement home residents, day care centers for both kids and older people, scout troops, and park district programs. It provides material for party games, ice breakers for a conference or meeting, or activities for any group that includes people who are very different from one another in age, ability level, ethnicity, or culture. Use Best New Games to create an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to have fun together while being physically and mentally active.

About the Author

Dale N. Le Fevre started working with the nonprofit New Games Foundation in 1975 as a volunteer. By the start of 1976 he was office manager and associate director. In 1977 he formed his own project, Play Express, which took New Games into schools. To date, Le Fevre has conducted more than 500 New Games workshops all over the United States and Canada and in 31 other countries, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and India. His workshop participants have included Jews and Arabs in Israel in the early ’80s; mixed races in apartheid South Africa; Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland in the early ’80s and late ’90s; and Croats, Serbs, and Muslims in Croatia and Serbia in ’93 and ’94. Le Fevre’s previous publications include New Games for the Whole Family (eventually published in five languages) and Parachute Games (published by Human Kinetics). He has also produced or coproduced a How to Play New Games: A Training CD-ROM, and several videos, including The New Games Video, New Games From Around the World, Rainy Day Games, Sunny Day Games, New Soccer (For Fun and Skills), Cooperative Group Games, and Skill Games. Most recently Le Fevre has founded a new company, Playworks, which works with businesses to use New Games to improve communication, build stronger teams, and reduce stress. Le Fevre holds an MA in education from New York University. In his free time he enjoys gardening, hiking, and camping. He and his wife, Wendy Moffatt, live in Mendocino, California. To information about more resources from Dale Le Fevre, visit his Web site,

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. How To Use New Games
Chapter 2. The Gamefinder and How To Use It
Chapter 3. Low Activity Games
Chapter 4. Low/Moderate Activity Games
Chapter 5. Moderate Activity Games
Chapter 6. High Activity Games
Chapter 7. Trust Games


Resource for physical educators, classroom teachers, recreation leaders, after-school care providers, and business meeting and event planners.