Co-Ed Recreational Games


John Byl
ISBN: 0736034552
ISBN13: 9780736034555
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The challenges of school can be stressful for children. That’s why games are an important part of each school day. They’re an excellent way to help students “chill out”—that is, when the games are chosen and taught well. Co-Ed Recreational Games provides you with more than 200 fun games that help students drop their inhibitions, put aside their worries, and just play! This easy-to-use book features games that accommodate students of all ages and skill levels so that everyone can enjoy participating. They help students get acquainted, foster camaraderie and cooperation, and maximize time spent being physically active. Developed by a physical education teacher with more than 20 years of experience, the games run the gamut from icebreakers and traditional games to familiar games with a unique twist, like “scooter basketball.” The format of the book makes the games easy to present for new or veteran teachers. Each game comes with a consistent guide to implementation that includes the following:
  • Number of participants
  • Age level
  • Recommended equipment
  • Setup
  • How to play
  • Safety considerations
  • Tips for teaching and organizing the games
A handy Game Finder grid enables you to quickly locate and select appropriate games based on the number and ages of participants and the facility and equipment available. You’ll also find a Game Generator that walks you step by step through the process of creating entirely new games on your own. Co-Ed Recreational Games can help you turn your class into the most enjoyable part of the day by creating a fun environment where kids can forget about the tensions of school.

About the Author

John Byl, PhD, is a professor of physical education and the intramural director at Redeemer University College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He directed physical education programs and coached various sports for 23 years at the community, high school, and college levels. He is a national board member of the Canadian Intramural Recreation Association, an executive member of the Ontario College Committee on Campus Recreation, and a vice president of the CIRA Ontario. Byl received his PhD in organization, administration and policy, specializing in the social foundations division, from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He earned a masters of human kinetics degree from the University of Windsor and a bachelor of physical education degree from the University of British Columbia. Author of Organizing Successful Tournaments and Minor Games Manual, Byl has also contributed chapters to several other books and has published many articles and proceedings on sports and physical education.

Table of Contents

Part I: Breaking the Ice

Chapter 1. Icebreakers and Riddles
Chapter 2. Coin Challenges
Chapter 3. Group Games
Chapter 4. Races and Relays
Chapter 5. Tugs-of-War
Chapter 6. Contests
Chapter 7. Individual Challenges

Part II: Modifying Traditional Games

Chapter 8. Baseball Games
Chapter 9. Basketball Games
Chapter 10. Football Games
Chapter 11. Hockey Games
Chapter 12. Soccer Games
Chapter 13. Volleyball Games
Chapter 14. Water Games
Chapter 15. Winterfest

Part III: Adding Your Own Games

Chapter 16. Your Games


Resource for K-12 and college/university physical education teachers as well as intramural directors and recreation leaders.